Your Dream Is Our Mission

Build the perfect home for you and your family with Mask Construction. From concept to completion, we work to create the home that caters to your unique needs. As an EnergyStar™ certified company, we build your home using green, energy efficient products that are safe for the environment and your family.



Our framing team has decades of experience building some of the finesthomes in Central New Hampshire. Usingadvanced framing techniques, we construct building envelopes that will offer maximum energy efficiency upon completion.


Roof and Interior

Mask Construction's knowledgeable team of roofing and finish professionals continue the construction process, placing an emphasis on the smallest of details to deliver craftsmanship and unparalleled quality to every homeowner we work with. 


Complete Satisfaction

We don't consider a house finished until our clients are completely satisfied with every aspect of their new home. From the exterior, to bedrooms and bathrooms, and eating and living space, we strive to deliver each new homeowner with a product that exceeds their expectations.